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Program Peduli Worked to Protect Children of Migrant Workers

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The 2015-2016 Program Peduli in NTB had succeeded in pushing the issuance of the NTB Governor Circular Letter Number 400/10/BP3AKB dated 18 January 2017 concerning the protection of Children of Migrant Workers. This Circular Letter was intended for the District Head/Mayor of the NTB and the Head of the NTB Provincial Government Work Unit/SKPD. The circular letter was issued in order to guarantee the fulfillment of the basic rights of childrent of migrant workers in accessing services (education, health, and civil rights and other social assistance) with the principle of the best interests for children and non-discrimination.

The three things requested from the letter were:

  1. Coordination to build synergies between parties both in provincial and district/city governments together to solve the problem of children of migrant workers, provide basic social services in the form of assistance for underprivileged students (BSM), Smart Indonesia Cards (KIP), Indonesian National Health Insurance Card/Healthy Indonesia Cards (KIS), Family Hope Program (PKH), a free birth certificate.
  2. District Head/Mayors create and implement policies, responsive budget planning for the protection of children of migrant workers, including accommodating them in the use of Village Funds.
  3. Increasing funds of strengthening community participation and other multistakeholder institutions that care about children through citizen forums and multistakeholder forums that already exist in stages from the level of hamlets, villages, to provinces.

The supervision of the implementation of the Circular Letter began in the 2017 – 2018 Program Phase. Efforts made by Program Peduli implementing partners (CSO) SANTAI Mataram in guarding the implementation process of the NTB Governor Circular Letter were:

  • Ensuring that the circular letter was disseminated and implemented to the level of the village government
  • Establishing coordination starting from the provincial level to the village level
  • Strengthening village cadres to continue advocacy at the village level to encourage village fund allocation
  • Mentoring and Assisting children, parents, caregivers and the community in social inclusion movements for all children of migrant workers

These efforts were not only carried out for the long-term assisted area of Program Peduli in East Lombok but also in order to expand the new assisted areas in Central Lombok Regency. The Central Lombok Regency Government responded well and positively to the implementation of this circular letter and provided support for the plan to implement Program Peduli in this region precisely in Jago Village and Sukaraja Village which was well received by the village heads of the region. In addition, community leaders, youth leaders and religious leaders were very supportive of the activities carried out and the mapped figures, youth and cadres who would support the inclusion of children of migrant workers at the village to sub-district level.