Beranda Pustaka Blog Benyamin Kila, The Father Of Change For Children Of Migrant Workers In Lumbu Kore

Benyamin Kila, the Father of Change for Children of Migrant Workers in Lumbu Kore

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Lumbu Kore is the name of a village located in Umalulu District, East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. Maybe, not many people have heard the name of this region, let alone know it. However, a village head who has worked for about two years provided a story about good practices that provide change for the people who live there.

His name is Benyamin Kila. He is 51 years old. He had worked as a Head of General Section in Umalulu District until he finally served as Lurah (Village Head) of Lumbu Kore. Since the beginning of serving as a village head, there was no Children of Migrant Workers (ABM) data included in the village profile so he did not know that there were many Children of Migrant Workers (ABM) in their area who had been left by one of their parents without taking care of the population documents first.

Until finally, in August 2017, he met the Wali Ati Foundation (Yasalti) through Program Peduli in a workshop event on Building District-level Commitments for Vulnerable Children and Youth Empowerment Programs.

Yasalati is an organization established with the aim of responding to social, political and cultural inequalities experienced by the poor, women, children and people with disabilities who are very vulnerable in Sumba Island. To realize a prosperous, independent, democratic, and gender-equitable life for all people in Sumba region, Yasalti conducts assistance work. One of them was assisting Benyamin Kila as Lumbu Kore Village Head to solve the population administration problems experienced by ABM in Lumbu Kore.

Assisted by Yasalti, Benyamin collected data on the existence of ABM in Lumbu Kore Village, including children who did not have population documents. From the data collection, he finally found out that in his territory there were 66 ABM (35 male, 31 female) who did not have the documents. From the results of the data collection, Benyamin and Yasalti made the efforts to encourage ABM’s parents and family to immediately take care of their documents.

Now, up to 30 ABMs (12 male, 18 female) in Lumbu Kore Village already have birth certificates and e-KTPs which can facilitate them in accessing various public services. However, this is not the final achievement. There are still many ABM in Lumbu Kore who do not have the documents, Benyamin continues to struggle so that ABM’s family is aware of the importance of population documents and encourages them to speed up the processing of the documents.

As part of his commitment as Lumbu Kore Village Head, Benjamin also issued a Decree (SK) on Child Care Forum to facilitate his citizens and make them aware of the importance of population documents. He also issued a Village Head Decree on the Village Empowerment Fund Allocation year 2018 for Acceleration of Population Document Services.

The story proves that the “presence” of the government plays an important role in changing the paradigm of society regarding something. By knowing the existence and condition of the community in its territory, the government will know what problems are faced and how to solve them. So, have you known people in your own area?