Beranda Pustaka Berita Temu Pandu Inklusi Nusantara: Appreciating Inspirational Figures who Are Dedicated to Realizing Inclusive Indonesia from Various Areas of Indonesia

Temu Pandu Inklusi Nusantara: Appreciating Inspirational Figures who Are Dedicated to Realizing Inclusive Indonesia from Various Areas of Indonesia

Berita / Semua Pilar Mitra Payung : Semua Mitra

Yogyakarta, November 4, 2018. Yogyakarta is the host of inspirational figures, Pandu Inklusi Nusantara (PINTAR) that work and strive to fulfill the basic rights of marginalized groups and realize an inclusive Indonesia. On the upcoming November 6-8, more than 150 PINTAR from various regions in Indonesia will gather. The government, represented by the Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture and the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection along with several community leaders will give their appreciation as a thank you for PINTAR’s dedication to marginalized groups.

In the midst of Indonesia’s development to improve the welfare of its people, there are still groups that are stigmatized, neglected, and do not benefit from development progress. This group is a group of people who are poor and minority, excluded by the dominant community and unable to participate fully in political and economic life. PINTAR works to change that.

Thanks to PINTAR, more than 20,000 people finally have legal identities such as National Identity Cards, Birth Certificates, and Family Cards. Around 10,000 people can access social assistance and public services. Around 20,000 people are involved in community activities. More than 5 billion Rupiah has been disbursed by the government for development and inclusive policies at the local and national level.

Theresia Titahing Ruci or commonly called Ibu Tice one of PINTAR from Yogyakarta City has succeeded in changing the perception and stigma of People with Mental Disorders (ODGJ) in her environment. She actively visited ODGJ family houses who normally could not accept ODGJ conditions and tended to lock them up at home. Ibu Tice assisted the family and encouraged ODGJ to be able to mingle with the community through Group Activity Therapy in the village. Ibu Tice’s persistence paid off. Dona, for example, is now an acupressure therapist and Suwarni is able to access her medicine independently.

Doddy Kurniawan Kaliri, familiarly called Doddy from Sleman District, is a physically disabled person who used to think that people with disabilities still need to depend on other people’s help and government programs. Now Doddy is empowered and actively advocating for development programs and government budgets for disability; developing an inclusive economic system through Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and pioneering the Association of Inclusive Entrepreneurs; focusing on developing digital literacy; and advocating for disability participation in elections and politics.

Ibu Tice and Doddy are two examples of PINTAR who work for disability groups. There are still more than 5,000 other PINTAR spread in 75 districts/cities, 21 provinces in Indonesia who are dedicated to other marginal groups.

Anyone can become a PINTAR starting from marginal groups who break through stigma and discrimination, empowered and become the activator for their groups; community leaders, religious leaders, other community members who are moved and care about; a dedicated state civil apparatus fulfilling obligations and conducting reforms in serving marginalized groups; and even those who were previously excluded, discriminated and became part of intolerance can also turn into protectors and help fulfill the rights of marginal groups.

PINTAR is worthy and must be appreciated. They are very important and valuable asset for the nation to realize an inclusive Indonesia where the development process involves all groups of people and no one should be left behind. The presence of PINTAR is expected to also inspire more people to care, participate and contribute to the social inclusion movement for Indonesia whose citizens are equal in dignity and prosperity.