Beranda Pustaka Berita Program Peduli Participation in Overcoming Regional Disparities at IDF 2018

Program Peduli Participation in Overcoming Regional Disparities at IDF 2018

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On July 10-11, 2018, the Indonesia Development Forum (IDF) was held again as an annual dialogue forum for actors who contributed to national and international development. The forum was officially opened by Vice President Muhammad Jusuf Kalla and welcomed by the Minister of National Development Planning and the Head of the National Development Planning Agency Prof. Bambang P.S. Brodjonegoro, and the Australian Ambassador to Indonesia H.E. Mr. Gary Quinlan.

In this forum, every actor involved in development has the opportunity to network, watch, and share anything that targeted eight sub-themes related to regional disparity. Through various activities – such as panel discussions, talk shows, parallel sessions, IDF 2018 Awards, and the Market for Ideas and Innovations – IDF 2018 highlights a variety of good practices undertaken by the Indonesian people and internationally in an effort to minimize gaps.

The problem of inequality itself is complex because it covers a variety of other things, such as health, education, infrastructure, and local government problems which in the final stages have implications for national development. Therefore, it requires the cooperation of various parties, both the government and the community, to jointly answer the challenges in dealing with the problem of inequality.

In accordnce with that, Program Peduli was present at IDF 2018 to participate in overcoming regional disparity through a discussion session entitled “Social Inclusion in Basic Services” by presenting speaker Pungkas Bahjuri Ali as Director of Health and Nutrition of the Indonesian National Development Planning Agency, Christofel Praing as Head of East Sumba Disdukcapil at the same time Peduli Champion, Ferry Wira Padang from the Deputy Director of the United North Sumatra Alliance (ASB), and Eva Nurfita from the Aceh Singkil Health Office. This discussion session was moderated by Abdi Surtaningati as the Team Leader for Program Peduli under the supervision of The Asia Foundation.

During the discussion, Pungkas Bahjuri Ali conveyed an overview of the use of sustainable development goals as the aspirations of Indonesian citizens to see whether the public services that have been carried out in Indonesia are running equally or not.

Meanwhile, Christofel Praing explained the material about the creativity of the East Sumba Regional Government in providing basic services for the believers of Marapu. He said that in 2013, he took the initiative to gather Marapu leaders to receive training aimed at realizing social inclusion for Marapu believers. However, until now, Marapu believers still get stigmatized so that various efforts continue to be made, including by being a witness in the Court’s decision regarding the inclusion of belief in the religious column on e-KTP.

The discussion session continued with the material presentation by Ferry Wira Padang related to ASB’s efforts to fight for the rights of Parmalim believer’s children, especially in the field of education. ASB hopes that the government, especially the Government of North Sumatra Province, can protect and fulfill the rights of minority groups and traditional believers as Indonesian Citizens (WNI).

The last speaker, Eva Nurfita, said that traditional health care and support in childbirth were still carried out in the Aceh Singkil area. This showed that health services were not evenly distributed so there was a need for better efforts to increase public understanding of the importance of health and provide basic services they also deserved.

Through a series of activities in IDF 2018, Program Peduli hopes that social inclusion for all Indonesian citizens can be truly realized so that there are no more gaps that can restrain national development.