Beranda Pustaka Berita Program Peduli Held Workshop for Inclusive Development

Program Peduli Held Workshop for Inclusive Development

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Yogyakarta, 27 – 28 July 2017 – Program Peduli held a workshop for Inclusion Learning Group (Program Learning Group Series – PLG) which was attended by local governments, civil society organizations that dealt with Program Peduli in the regions, and central government to exchange experiences and ways of carrying out inclusive development in every development process at the district/city level.

This activity aimed to implement mainstreaming inclusive development in each region, encourage regional government collaboration with civil society organizations, formulate challenges and key factors of inclusive development, and design follow-up integration of inclusive development in Government Development Work Plans with local civil society groups, especially in the budget year of 2018.

Therefore, workshop activities were divided into several sessions in accordance with these objectives. Each session presented resource persons from various regions, such as District Head of Sigi, Head of Bappeda Makassar, Village Head of Pejanggik, and Village Head of East Limbangan, who shared each of their experiences in doing inclusive development in their region.

All Central Governments attended the workshop were representatives of the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Cultural Affairs (Deputy for Coordination of Community Empowerment, Villages & Regions (Deputy VII) and Deputy for Coordination of Cultural Affairs (Deputy V), Ministry of Domestic Affairs (Directorate of Bina Ideologi, Karakter dan Wawasan Kebangsaan), Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (Child Protection Deputy), and Ministry of Social Affairs (PKAT Directorate, Directorate of Social Rehabilitation & Disabled Persons).

In addition, PLG activities were also filled with discussions by all participants to jointly formulate the challenges and key factors in carrying out inclusive development in each region. Finally, the event was closed by inclusive discussion in Sendangtirto Village attended by Sendangtirto Village Officials, Berbah District Government, Sleman District Government, and Sigab Yogyakarta representatives to share experiences related to Inclusive Development in the region.

The activity organized by Program Peduli and The Asia Foundation became the meeting point for inclusion for the government and civil society organizations to share experiences while finding solutions in Inclusive Development in the regions.