Beranda Pustaka Berita Program Peduli Celebrates Indonesia’s 72nd Independence Day with Partners

Program Peduli Celebrates Indonesia’s 72nd Independence Day with Partners

Berita / Semua Pilar Mitra Payung : Semua Mitra

17 August 2017 – To celebrate the 72nd Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, Program Peduli was not just showing the results of its achievements. Together with program beneficiaries, some Peduli’s Partners also created Peduli Campaign with hashtag #MerdekaItu to show the spirit of togetherness among partners and beneficiaries.

In this Independence Day celebration, some of Peduli Partners along with Jambi Anak Dalam (SAD) Tribe, Peduli Community of Migrant Workers Children, disability groups, and some other beneficiaries sang the song of “Indonesia Pusaka” while voicing the meaning of independence according to them.

Meanwhile, Sulawesi Community Foundation (SCF) also created a similar campaign by compiling public opinion regarding the meaning of independence by using the hashtag #MerdekaItu. In this campaign, SCF also made efforts to encourage social inclusion for indigenous people and remote local communities whose lives depend on natural resources.

Other campaigns emerged from the Education and Development Institute of Resources and Environment (LPPSLH) and Peduli Community of Migrant Workers (ABM) that both sang Indonesian independence songs.

In addition, Benteng Chinese Women Group also did not miss showing their hopes to be able to realize the lives of equal and dignified Indonesian citizens through the independence song they were singing.