Beranda Pustaka Berita Program Peduli at Pekan Kerja Nyata Revolusi Mental 2017

Program Peduli at Pekan Kerja Nyata Revolusi Mental 2017

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Surakarta, 25-27 August 2017 – Through the Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Cultural Affairs (Kemenko PMK), the government held the Pekan Kerja Nyata Revolusi Mental Indonesia (Indonesian Mental Revolution Real Work Week) on 25 – 27 August 2017 in Surakarta.

In the event opened by the Coordinating Minister for PMK Puan Maharani, Program Peduli that worked under the Kemenko PMK, participated by presenting the results of its performance achievements to the public that were published through the workshop on Indonesia United, Indonesia Serving, and Inclusive Development on Saturday (26/8).

In the workshop, there were a number of speakers who were also beneficiaries of Program Peduli such as Nggay Mehang Tana from East Sumba, NTT, and I Putu Suwandana from Oi Bura, Tambora. Other than that, there were also parties involved in the implementation of Indonesia Serving such as Disdukcapil, Kader Damai, Lakpesdam NU of Bima District, and SKPD.

On top of that, Program Peduli also held film screenings and discussions entitled Social Movement through Digital Media for two consecutive days by presenting actor Reza Rahadian, film observer Budi Irawanto, former KPK deputy chairman Bambang Widjojanto, filmmakers Garin Nugroho and Dirmawan Hatta, and some digital media practitioners.

Through this activity, both stakeholders and the community were expected to be able to carry out social movements towards more inclusive Indonesia in ways that are fun and acceptable to the public. It was proven by the interactive activity with participants that did not only discussed the film, but also the relation with the Mental Revolution and Social Inclusion movements.

In addition to workshop activities, film screenings, and discussions, Program Peduli also contributed to several major events held in PKN RM 2017 such as the Rembuk Nasional with the ministers and the Public Service Innovation Exhibition attended by 100 exhibition stands.