Beranda Pustaka Berita Leadership Literacy to Increase Diversity Harmonization

Leadership Literacy to Increase Diversity Harmonization

Berita / Korban diskriminasi, intoleransi, dan kekerasan berbasis agama Mitra Payung : Yayasan Satunama

On 4-5 June 2018, the Donders Humanitarian Development Foundation in collaboration with the SATUNAMA Yogyakarta Foundation organized Interfaith Leadership Literacy in West Sumba District, East Nusa Tenggara. The activity supported by The Asia Foundation was attended by 30 young people from three districts in Sumba.

This activity aimed to build a literacy community for young leaders from various religions in Sumba based on open and constructive dialogue with the Marapu community (the local belief of the Sumba community).

In his remarks, director of YPK Donders, Mike Keraf, said that another goal of the event was to build unity in diversity among local youth.

Participants were 12 people from the Marapu community and 17 young leaders of Protestant, Catholic, Islamic, and Parisada Hindu Dharma from Central Sumba, West Sumba and Southwest Sumba. The thirty participants participated in the entire two-day program that took place at Aula D’Sos Weelonda, Southwest Sumba.

One of the activities carried out at this event was open discussion to build tolerance, increase mutual understanding, and give interfaith awards by prioritizing the fundamental attitude of autonomy and correlation. Both attitudes are needed because with an increasingly autonomous attitude, the community can be more correlated with the community outside itself.

In this activity which was also hosted by Pater Rivan Narang, there were also two speakers who shared experiences related to the practice of living life in harmony in differences. The two speakers were Eko Wienarto and MD Andriana.

Other activities carried out in this event were worship activity and “Creative Literacy” night activity in which participants displayed various creations such as drama, poetry, songs, parades, pictures and speeches. The activity was expected to be able to encourage the literacy community of young leaders of religions in Sumba to appear like glowing stars, which can provide hope for new civilizations in voicing and fighting for unity in diversity.