Beranda Pustaka Berita Dialogue with LP3TP2A for Children of Migrant Workers

Dialogue with LP3TP2A for Children of Migrant Workers

Berita / Anak dan remaja rentan Mitra Payung : LPKP

Malang, 2 August, 2017 – Malang Regency is one of the regions with a large number of Indonesian Workers (TKI). Therefore, many children of migrant workers were left by their parents and experienced violence and other criminal practices.

Based on data from the Institute for the Development of Integrated Services for Women and Children (LP3TP2A) in Malang District, it was found that many children of migrant workers were victims of violence by their closest people. Until July 2017, there were 18 cases of sexual violence among female victims aged 0-18 years. According to the Director of LP3TP2A Malang Regency, the violence experienced by these children has been handled. However, prevention still needed to be done so that similar incidents did not recur.

In addition, another effort carried out by LP3TP2A Malang Regency was to invite the community to care for children of migrant workers. One of them was by conducting a dialogue with Malang Head of District Rendra Kresna, TAF, East Java LPKP, and Malang District DP3A to discuss about Program Peduli Social Inclusion of Malang District Migrant Workers Children (ABM).

With this dialogue, it was expected that the government and other stakeholders could take preventive measures to build the future of Migrant Workers Children in Malang District.