Beranda Pustaka Blog Temu Inklusi #3, Voicing The Rights Of People With Disability For 2030 Inclusive Indonesia

Temu Inklusi #3, Voicing the rights of People with Disability for 2030 Inclusive Indonesia

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The chanting of Javanese songs performed by a diffable music group called Diva Kroncong Playen became a very impressive show on the night of the opening of ‘Temu Inklusi #3’ (the third inclusion meeting) located in Plembutan Village, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.

The Inclusion Meeting is a routine event held every two years as one of the efforts to realize a more inclusive Indonesia. In contrast to the previous Inclusion Meeting, this event organized in 22 – 25 October 2018 was held focusing on disability issues.

The event carried the theme of Toward 2030 Inclusive Indonesia through Collaborative Innovation” was warmly welcomed by the Deputy Governor of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY), Sri Paduka Paku Alam X.

In his remarks, he explained that Temu Inklusi #3 had a strategic value that aimed to explore and share local solutions and various innovations in minimizing barriers and promoting the realization of a more inclusive Indonesian society.

He also added that the government was obliged to realize the rights of people with disabilities by adjusting the Law, including the fulfillment of disability rights in all aspects of life. The remarks was closed and Temu Inklusi #3 was officially opened with ceremonial gong hitting by the DIY Deputy Governor.

Legal Protection and Inclusive Policies for Diffable People

The event of  Temu Inklusi #3 was followed by a national seminar entitled “Collaboration between Government and Civil Society in Promoting Inclusive Legal Protection and Policy”. In the seminar, it was explained that matters that needed to be fought for in fulfilling the rights of people with disabilities were not only limited to fundamental issues such as the right to get a job, but also the right to access to justice and trial.

Meeting the needs of people with disabilities is related to the responsive benchmarks of whether or not the state is against its people. The rights of people with disabilities to the access to trials are not only limited to access to fair decisions, but also access to the process of obtaining the fair decisions.

By ensuring that the judicial process meets the standards of disability requirements, the government has fulfilled 50% fair trial outside of legal substance.

Furthermore, Temu Inklusi #3 also supported the fulfillment of the rights of people with disabilities to access financial services. This was further explained in a seminar with the theme of “Pioneering Inclusive Financial Services for People with Disability” which was attended by stakeholders in the financial sector.

In the seminar, Bagus as the representative of DEFINIT explained that in line with Presidential Regulation No. 82 Year 2016, the government has targeted the financial inclusion rate in 2019 to be 75%. At present, the level of financial inclusion achieved is only 25% with 9% of people with disabilities had not yet involved in the achievement and were excluded from the state financial system because they were considered powerless.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) said that the government, in this case the financial institutions, was preparing a Technical Operational Regulation (PTO) regarding financial services that were sensitive to people with disabilities so that all aspects in financial institutions were able to include people with disabilities in financial programs, in accordance with the right regulations, so that financial inclusion could be achieved. This PTO is targeted to be completed on December 3, 2018.

Disability in the Construction of Religion and Culture

On the third day of the Temu Inklusi #3, eleven thematic workshops were held in several places separately at the same time. One of the workshops that attracted quite a lot of public attention was a workshop on “Religion, Culture, and People with Disability” held in Wiyoko Tengah Hamlet.

In the workshop, K.H. Imam Aziz as the leader of the PBNU was present as one of the speakers who discussed people with disabilities in a religious perspective. He explained that normatively, there was no discrimination against disability in religion because the Creator created all beings perfectly. Then, cultural construction helped strengthen this position.

Furthermore, Herman Situjanitama as culture enthusiast and author of Polowijan (Diffable People in Javanese Perspective) also added that since the establishment of keraton (the palace), people with disabilities has had an active role in community life as proven by the role of diffable people in pewayangan (traditional puppet) stories. According to him, people with disabilities have the same function as palawija plants, namely fulfilling and completing the order of life in society.

Perfect Ending

In addition to seminars and workshops, Temu Inklusi #3 was also enlivened with inclusion game activities held at the Playen Village Hall. This activity presented two types of games, namely wheelchair racing and rubber band transfer competition. The two games aimed to convey a message to the wider community about the lives of people with disabilities who despite having different ways of working with most people, they are still able to do many things well.

The participants in this game participated with great enthusiasm. All participants from different backgrounds gathered in the same place, united and laughed together without paying attention to the differences among them.

The next day, in the last morning of Temu Inklusi #3, participants began the activity by doing inclusion exercises. Just like the previous days, all participants from various groups participated in the joint activity even though the weather in Playen was hot at that time.

Adolf, a hearing impaired participant from NTT, conveyed his impression during participating in Temu Inklusi #3. With sign language, he said that he was very happy to take part in that event because he could be well received and considered equal when meeting with translators and other friends.

This deep impression is present because in his residence, Manggarai, hearing impaired friends can only interact with fellow friends with hearing impairment. Therefore, Adolf said that he would share his impression during Temu Inklusi #3’with hearing impaired friends in Manggarai about inclusive community life.

Bapak Suharto as the Director of Sasana Inklusi dan Gerakan Advokasi Difabel (SIGAB) closed this activity by stating that the excitement of Temu Inklusi #3 showed that there was no distance and limitation between diffable people and other communities. This activity will continue and will be scheduled to return in 2020 in Bulukumba, South Sulawesi.

Temu Inklusi #3 event is expected to be able to increase understanding of all levels of society so that they can implement the meaning of equality, and view diffable people as people who are also capable and empowered in the community.

In accordance with that, one of the disability activists familiarly called Cak Fu also said, “Humans are the image of God’s perfection. Diffable people are one form of God’s perfection”.

Temu Inklusi #3 event ended with great enthusiasm and perfection. All participants returned home bringing meaning of equal and equally dignified human beings, as well as hopes for realizing a more inclusive Indonesia.

See you in the next Temu Inklusi!