Beranda Pustaka Berita The Face of Indonesia’s Next Generation in 2018 National Children’s Day Celebration

The Face of Indonesia’s Next Generation in 2018 National Children’s Day Celebration

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The event of Temu Anak Peduli (Peduli Children Gathering event) that carried the theme “Pusparagam Anak Indonesia” or “Colourful Indonesian Children” took place smoothly on July 20-22, 2018. The activity which was part of the 2018 National Children’s Day (HAN) celebration was an appropriate occasion for the public to get to know children from various region in Indonesia.

On the first day, July 20, 2018, 165 children aged 9 to 17 took part in an activity entitled “We Are Indonesian Children” to welcome a series of Temu Anak Peduli event. The program continued the following day with an activity entitled “Building the Character of Nationality and Citizenship”. On this second day, the children were led to understand the basic principles of nationality and citizenship character with fun facilitation techniques. All children present were divided into groups to attend the classes provided and told about their experiences according to the themes given in the class.

The first group entered the Literacy Class, which was a class intended for children aged 10-12 years old to increase their reading interest which had the potential to become a strong foundation for them to b empowered individuals. Together with Book for Asia, Program Peduli assisted children in the Literacy Class to conduct reading, writing, story-telling and other fun activities.

The second group consists of children aged 13-18 years who joined the Mutual Cooperation Class, a class aimed at increasing their understanding of the basic values of national and state life.

Related to the issue of harassment, there was also the Violence and Harassment (Bullying) Class which aimed to encourage children to come up with ideas about the prevention and handling of violence and harassment.

Meanwhile, to build awareness in accepting and respecting differences, the Tolerance and Peace Class was also present in this series of events. In this session, Program Peduli collaborated with other programs from The Asia Foundation, namely the Danida Tolerance Education Program.

Some children aged 13-18 entered the Leadership Class which aimed to practice the children’s ability to lead and the Entrepreneurship Class which aimed to build an entrepreneurial spirit as an independence asset for the children in the future.

On the third day, July 22, 2018, all participants of Temu Anak Peduli took part in the activity entitled “Indonesian Children Expression” to express various ideas about what things were obtained from the activities they participated on the second day. The children’s ideas were then expressed in the form of pictures, writings, poems, songs, vlogs, and other forms of expression in accordance with their interests.

All the children’s work in the Temu Anak Peduli was exhibited at the HAN 2018 main event which was held on July 23, 2018 at Purwodadi Botanical Garden, Pasuruan District, East Java. The event was attended by Yohana Susana Yembise as Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA), as well as government staffs from various provinces throughout Indonesia.

The highlight of the HAN 2018 celebration began with various art performances, such as the Gandrung Dance, Reog Ponorogo, and angklung. Then proceeded with the reading of “Indonesian Children’s Voice 2018” as a result of the initiation of the 2018 National Children’s Forum empowered by the Ministry of PPPA.

The “Voice of Indonesian Children 2018” called for participation of children in planning and development by (1) supporting the government to make regulations related to musrenbang ( a forum for all related actor and stakeholder to formulate the development program) on child development at the regional level and realizing the results of the musrenbang; (2) requesting the government to harmonize laws and regulations regarding the minimum age of marriage; (3) requesting the government to facilitate access to birth certificate services in disadvantaged, frontier and outermost areas (3T); (4) inviting Indonesian families to improve childcare and supervision of inappropriate shows for children; (5) refusing all forms of harassment, whether conducted at schools, society, or social media; (6) requesting the government to provide cultural improvement facilities so that Indonesian children can preserve the culture; (7) supporting the government to implement 12-year compulsory education and optimizing the education budget, as well as facilitating the school enrollment system; (8) appealing for the government to equalize facilities for children with special needs in order to reduce discrimination; (9) supporting the future of children in dealing with the law (ABH); and (10) committing to limit the use of disposable plastics and utilizing plastic waste for recycling in Indonesia.

In the main event, the Minister of PPPA also stated that as the next generation of the nation, children must always use the time in the best way to learn while still having special time to play and be creative. This is in line with the efforts of the Indonesian government in guaranteeing every child to be able to achieve their dreams and ambitions, and protecting their rights according to the mandate of the law.

In addition, President Jokowi also advised that Indonesian children should be more diligent in learning, playing, and exercising. This message was conveyed through video footage that was screened at the highlight of HAN 2018 celebration.