Beranda Pustaka Berita Program Peduli at Innovation Stage of FEII 2017

Program Peduli at Innovation Stage of FEII 2017

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Jakarta, 19 July 2017 – The 2017 Indonesian Innovation Forum & Expo (FEII 2017) held the first national event in Indonesia by raising the issue of innovation and collaboration among regional stakeholders in achieving 17 SDGs goals. In the event held at the Jakarta Convention Center, an Innovation Stage event was held providing various forums for stakeholders to share programs, ideas, implementation of SDGs locally, and an understanding of the importance of innovation and partnership in achieving SDGs.

Each agenda in this activity was designed to provide inspiration and become a learning place for local and national stakeholders related to innovative practices relevant to SDGs, experience in building collaboration in the region, and localization of SDGs.

One of the activities in the Innovation Stage was a discussion forum on “Inclusive to Achieve SDGs” from Program Peduli which presented inspirational stories from the public about efforts to social change for inclusive development. This forum was attended by all local governments (Pemda) as well as various parties that presented a variety of products of Program Peduli assisted community.

In line with the aim of FEII 2017 to create interactive spaces for stakeholders to share with each other, this forum presented several speakers, namely Sujana Royat from Program Peduli and The Asia Foundation, Juwanto from Satunama, Donny Setiawan from the Initiative Association, and Tri Endang from PPSW Jakarta.

In addition to the open discussion, this forum also presented various products of Program Peduli assisted communities such as recycled handicrafts from newspaper waste by survivors in Surakarta, Aceh patterned bags by women survivors of DOM Aceh as members of the Putik Palma Cooperative, Sikka ikat woven by the community of 65 victims, and cookied produced by Lentera Jaya Cina Benteng Cooperative.