Beranda Pustaka Berita Formation of Mental Revolution Movement Cadres as Commitment of Bulukumba Regional Government in Realizing Inclusive Society

Formation of Mental Revolution Movement Cadres as Commitment of Bulukumba Regional Government in Realizing Inclusive Society

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To realize Indonesia’s inclusive society in 2045, there is a need of access for every citizen to justice, participation in policy making, and alleviation of social inequality. Therefore, Program Peduli inspires the National Movement for Mental Revolution and Inclusive Human Development to pay more attention to the existence of marginalized groups, who cannot access and obtain their rights as citizens, due to perspective or discrimination.

On 22 May 2018, Program Peduli in collaboration with the Local Government (Pemda) of Bulukumba held a socialization event on the Formation of the Mental Revolution Movement Cadres and Inclusive Development which took place in the hall of the Bulukumba Bappeda office. This activity was opened directly by the Deputy Head of Bulukumba District, Tommy Satria. In his remarks, he said, “Our task is to integrate the values of Revmen in the implementation of the duties of each apparatus and cadre in Bulukumba.”

This activity was basically an effort to implement Presidential Instruction No. 12 Year 2016 on the National Movement for Mental Revolution. The executive committee, Alexander Mering, said that the purpose of this socialization activity was to synergize the efforts and good practices that had been carried out by the local government and the community in inclusive development so that it becomes an instrument of mental revolution work at the national and regional levels.

The event was attended by around 80 participants, including all sub-district heads, community leaders, youth leaders, representatives of OPDs, Kadis PUPR, and Kadis Dukcapil. The series of activities in the socialization event consisted of two sessions. First, socialization of government initiatives and efforts in the Mental Revolution Movement and Inclusive Human Development. And the second was group discussion.

The first session was attended by the Head of Bappeda Bulukumba as the spokesperson who was responsible to explain the concept of regional development and planning, the Head of the Agriculture and Plantation Agency was responsible to explain the concept of mental revolution towards farmers, and the Head of Civil Registration and Population explained the concept of service to the completeness of legal identity for the people of Bulukumba.

Meanwhile, group discussions at the second session were carried out by dividing participants into three groups based on the human resource management roadmap that had previously been prepared by the Sulawesi Community Foundation (SCF) with the local government. The first group came from mountainous regions, the second group from the land area, and the third group from the coastal area. In the discussion agenda, the problem identification of each region was discussed and ended with the submission of recommendations.